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2021 Activity Report

The year 2021 was loaded with projects.The pandemic had an impact on the progress of the projects, but the versatility of the team made it possible to achieve the majority of the objectives. Some projects could not be finalized due to the workload, but we are looking forward to 2022.


The Bridle Shiner Conservation Plan, the Quilliams Creek Conservation Plan and the Eurasian Watermilfoil Control Plan are important working documents that require reflection and consultation in order to target relevant actions. Thus, their finalization has been postponed to 2022.

Main projects

  • Paddle Brome Lake event

  • Membership

  • Improvement of the digital document structure

  • Quilliams Creek Habitat Enhancement at Brome Lake

  • Self-diagnosis of banks in agricultural areas

  • Follow-up of the Blackwood dam repair work

  • Characterization of the riparian strips of Brome Lake

  • Characterization of Quilliams and Durrull streams

  • Characterization of private ponds

  • Characterization of aquatic grass beds in riparian wetlands

  • Quilliams Watershed Committee

  • Communication: website, Facebook page, Instagram page, newsletters, newspapers

  • Training of administrators and employees

  • Rusty Crayfish Inventory

  • Lake Water Transparency Measurement (Secchi)

  • Measurement of thermal stratification of the lake

  • Cold Creek Cleanup

  • Minnow Conservation Plan of grass

  • Boating Policy and Mapping

  • ​Accompaniment program for the renaturalization of riparian strips of Brome Lake

  • Voluntary Lake Monitoring Network (RSVL)

  • Tributary water quality monitoring

  • Eurasian watermilfoil monitoring and control plan

  • Boat cleaning station

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