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Image by Filip Mroz

Action plan

The City of Lac-Brome is proud to unveil the Action Plan for a Healthy Lake. Covering the years 2022 to 2026, the document reinforces the need to intervene quickly to support the preservation of the health of Brome Lake.​

Action plan

which aims to respond to five threats

1.  Phosphorus and Cyanobacteria

2. Faecal coliforms

3. Invasive species

4. Recreational use of the lake

5. Low water level of the lake

The action plan for a healthy lake includes 35 means of action

grouped under the following seven guidelines

  • Minimize contamination of the lake by runoff

  • Minimize wastewater discharges into the lake and waterways

  • Protect native species and fight invasive species

  • Inform, raise awareness and mobilize lake users

  • Optimal lake level control

  • Collect the most up-to-date lake health data

  • Work in collaboration with partners concerned with the health of the lake

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