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Qualité des affluents
Image by Dave Hoefler

Tributary water quality monitoring

Since 2008, CLB has been monitoring the water quality of lake Brome's six most important tributaries of the lake, namely the Quilliams, McLaughlin, Argyll, Cold, Pearson, and Inverness streams (Map 1). Among the municipalities in the watershed, only the city of Lac-Brome is currently participating in the financing of this project.


Flow modeling

by the method of neighboring basins


Nutrient supply problems affecting primary productivity have caused episodes of the proliferation of cyanobacteria blooms in Brome Lake for several decades. This finding motivates residents and shoreline residents and challenges taxpayers in the municipalities of the watershed to take action to slow down and ultimately curb the aging of the body of water. Awareness seems to settle in the minds of users. The efforts of Conservation Lac Brome, the city of Lac Brome, and other surrounding municipalities, governments, and citizens demonstrate an undeniable desire to preserve and conserve water quality.

Modélisation des débits
Bilan massique

Mass balance

caractérisation et diagnostics

and diagnoses

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