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Image by Filip Mroz

Renaturalization of riparian strips

There is a regulation in Lac-Brome that requires that a riparian strip be vegetated (10 meters if the slope of the land is 30 degrees or less and 15 meters if the slope is greater than 30 degrees). In this space on the shore, it is forbidden to mow the lawn, even in the fall.

bandes riveraines

A good layout

Rainwater should normally seep into the ground.  Then it is absorbed by trees and plants and seeps into underground water tables.

After a very heavy rain,  floor  fails to absorb everything, so a large amount of water remains on the surface. However, this surplus flows into rivers and streams, causing pollutants.  


Vegetation stabilizes embankments and decreases the speed of water flow, which acts against erosion and prevents runoff.

By arranging your land correctly,

you will make

a big difference! 


Source: ROBVQ

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