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Splashing Water

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Make a donation of 50$ or more and receive these advantages:

  • Participate in CLB's annual general meetings and desicion-making

  • Influence people who decide on priorities for action

  • Obtain discounts at our local business partners

  • Participate as a volunteer in activities and events

  • Regularly obtain information of water quality

  • Get advice on eco-friendly behaviours to adopt

  • A tax receipt will be issued to you

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Feed your interests and let your skills shine within our team of volunteers.

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You're already a member?

Renew your Conservation Lac Brome membership.

A tax receipt will be issued for all donations of 50$ and more



Your donations allow us to pursuit our mission.

A tax receipt will be issued for all donations of 50$ and more

We thank you for your contributions!

Take the time to get informed 

Information allows you to learn, form your own opinion on a subject and make informed decisions. 

The newsletter offers the opportunity to feel concerned by news related to our lake and its tributaries.

Sign up, it's rewarding!


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