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Conservation Lac Brome is recruting!

Join the team and board members who are passionate about protecting, restoring and enriching this unique natural environment.

Conseil d'administration

 Board of directors

Conservation Lac Brome is administered by volunteers who are first and foremost professionals and  passionate people who work to improve the water quality of Brome Lake and its watershed. Congratulations to the elected members at the Annual General Meeting!

Jean-Pierre Pilon



A retired engineer, Jean-Pierre Pilon has worked in the water and municipal engineering field for a good part of his career.  Owner of Brome Lake for 15 years, he is now a permanent resident. A fishing and sailing enthusiast, he enjoys the lake with his children and grandchildren and would like our community to be able to do the same for future generations.


A board member of  CBL since 2018, he is particularly involved in erosion control, sediment and nutrient management, municipal infrastructure, and digital mapping.  

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Christian Roy



Christian is a graduate of electrical engineering. He worked for 36 years in telecommunications for Bell before recently retiring. For more than 50 years, Christian has spent his summers and weekends on the shores of Lac Brome. He has owned a residence there since 1990 and now has his principal residence there.


He has been a member of the CLB Board of Directors since 2018 and Vice-Chairman since 2021. He is more particularly involved in files concerning boating, aquatic plants, invasive alien species, water quality tests in the lake, and membership renewal.


Patrick Binckly



William Anders, on December 24, 1968, took a photo of “our house” with a point of view never observed.  A blue ball in a black ocean.  Patrick says it was perhaps this image that made him realize that we are only tenants of our only place of residence and that we have the responsibility to take the greatest care of it, for ourselves as well as for the generations that will have to correct all the wrongs that we afflict in our house.

A resident of Stukely-Sud, his commitment to Conservation Lac Brome is linked to the protection of the Quilliams stream sub-watershed.  It is said that if "the flapping of a butterfly in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas” so imagine the effects that a lack of environmental precaution could have on the part of the municipalities upstream of your lake.


Don Joyce



A lifelong kayaker, Don joined the CLB Board of Directors in 2020 to contribute to the well-being of the lake and protect it today for future generations.


Passionate about paddling, he organized Pagayage Lac Brome 2021. In addition, he contributes to the private pond project and uses his time on the water to check water quality and the health of the shoreline and banks of our streams. Don finds the changing beauty of the lake and watershed inspiring. When he's not paddling, he specializes in Information Technology as a PMP Certified Project Manager and has completed projects around the world.

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Francoise Stanton


Françoise Stanton worked for nearly 30 years in Radio-Canada television news programs as an investigative journalist.


A resident of Lac-Brome for several years, she is particularly committed to raising awareness among residents and visitors of the best environmental practices likely to preserve the health of the lake. She is head of the communications committee.

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Helene Drouin 


Hélène was the president of Conservation Lac Brome from 2017 to 2022. She has been living in Lac-Brome since 2005 and has been a member of Conservation Lac Brome for over 10 years. Retired respiratory therapist, Ms. Drouin is concerned about public health issues, and today, the general health of Brome Lake and its effects on present and future generations.


Richard Bickley



Graduated from the Military College of St-Jean and HEC in Montreal in Operations Management,  Richard Bickley has been a citizen of Bolton-Ouest since 2008. Retired from the Canadian Armed Forces as a logistics officer in 1990, he continued his career with Alcan and Rio Tinto Alcan until 2012 and retired from this organization as director of Transport for Aluminum products for North America. His hobbies include tennis and pickleball, reading, cabinetmaking, and snowshoeing.


He is involved in CLB with the Watershed project for the sake of maintaining the quality of our water and, by extension, the environment. He particularly likes the data analysis that concerns this project.


Robert St-Pierre



Manager and executive in public health, now retired, Robert has worked as a negotiator for the federal government in order to conclude numerous collaboration agreements and has developed expertise in interjurisdictional relations.


Originally from Farnham, Robert is deeply attached to the region and the beauty of its natural environment. He was introduced to sailing on Brome Lake and has cycled through most of the surrounding landscapes, which motivates his involvement with Conservation Lac Brome. In 2012, Robert acquired a property in Bolton-Ouest and he is particularly interested in the watershed.

Robert St-pierre
Équipe de projets


Léa Couture

Special Ressource

Léa has a bachelor's degree in Environment from McGill University. During her studies, she developed her knowledge of conservation biology and environmental impact assessment but discovered a passion for raising awareness and exploring potential solutions to the climate crisis.

Having grown up in Lac-Brome, Léa has always had an affinity for the lake and its surroundings and wishes to see this environment prosper. Léa first joined CLB in 2022 as Educational Patrol to inform citizens about runoff water management and offer useful advice. She now is charged with the organisation's communications, water sampling projects and more!


Lea Couture
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