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Our partners

The implementation of projects to improve water quality is based on the collaboration of several stakeholders. Without them, several of CLB's projects could not see the light of day.

These are mainly: 

  1. Various Quebec government departments intervene such as the MELCCFP through:

    • ​Regulations on septic systems 

    • Monitoring contaminated water bodies 

    • Allocation of funds for pilot projects (runoff management, erosion control, bank stabilization and our Blue Patrol).

  2. The MRC Brome-Missisquoi is responsible for establishing a watercourse management policy and monitoring it.

  3. The municipalities of Brome Lake, Bolton-Ouest, Canton de Shefford, and Stukely-Sud and the city of Lac-Brome are adopting regulations related to improving water quality: 

    • Naturalization and protection of riparian strips

    • Erosion control measures

    • The use of pesticides and fertilizers

    • Maintenance of septic systems

    • Protection of wetlands and waterways


Organismes environnementaux

Fishing Boat

Our merchant partners

Our merchant partners share our determination to ensure the protection of Brome Lake and its tributaries. 


Certain merchants offer various discounts on their products and services to members of CLB who need only present their membership card to benefit from it.​​

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