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Photo:  Ben Cauley

Plantes aquatiques

Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants play a key role in the ecosystems of our rivers and lakes, yet they are still confused with algae. These are microscopic single-celled photosynthetic organisms that cling to surfaces or float in water. They can especially be visible when they form colonies called cyanobacteria. 

morphologie de plantes

Human activities contribute to the eutrophication of lakes

such as agriculture, logging, road construction and residential development.


Among the many consequences of lake eutrophication,

there is excessive growth of aquatic plants.


remains the best way to limit
the spread of  invasive plants


Inspect and clean
any boat 
and equipment


Avoid navigating the seagrass beds
aquatic plants

Herbier aquatique

Aquatic grass beds


Cartographic directory of all herbaria 2020

Les herbiers
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